Groital Company Ltd
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Cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables into dried products for local and international sales.

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Produced under strict hygienic conditions

Cultivated with the consumer in mind

Have your pineapple everywhere you go


About Us!

Groital is an agribusiness focused on the cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables into dried products for local and international supply. Our dried pineapples snacks are the best you can find in the market produced under strict hygienic conditions.

Consistent supply of high-quality raw materials matter to us, that is why we have invested our first 5 years of business in perfecting the science of cultivating pineapples. Our farmlands are located in the beautiful Aburi valleys at Nsakye, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Groital was founded with the objective of becoming a reliable large-scale supplier of fresh and dried fruits and vegetable for the local and global markets.

Groital is youth driven initiative, and we strongly believe in making impacts in the lives of other young people across the globe.

Our vision

To be the leading supplier of the best quality dried fruit and vegetable from Africa.

Our mission

To produce high quality, nutritional fruit and vegetable snacks on a large scale for local and global consumption.


The use of drones in agriculture

Grotial has employed the use of drones in agriculture, which are used intermittently to scout for diseases and apply target treatment to affected areas.. Groital farms was used as practical field to train other African farmers on the use of drones in agriculture. Some tools such as soil moisture meters, pH meters, weighing scales etc are highly used on our farms to ensure precision farming practices.



With collaboration with numerous key players in Agri-business, we drive meaningful partnerships with key players including Hortifresh, SNV Ghana, Total Petroleum Ghana, MBC Africa.


The company is open to the opportunity of partnering with research bodies, universities, and agricultural institutes to acquire new hybrids of pineapples that are hardier and grow faster in our local climate.


Groital currently supply free potable drinking to a community living close to our farm as a way of contributing to better lives.