Groital Company Ltd.

About Us

Groital is an agribusiness focused on the cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables into dried products for local and international sales. The company owns the Diya brand which means FOOD is the Frafra language of northern Ghana. Our dried pineapples snacks are the best you can find in the market produced under strict hygienic conditions.

Consistent supply of high-quality raw materials matter to us, that is why we have invested our first 5 years of business in perfecting the science of cultivating pineapples. Our farmlands are located in the beautiful Aburi valleys at Nsakye, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Groital was founded with the objective of becoming a reliable large-scale supplier of fresh and dried fruits and vegetable for the local and global markets.

Groital is youth driven initiative, and we strongly believe in making impacts in the lives of other young people across the globe.

Partners & Clients

To help reduce market risk and the potential risks of drought and other social and environmental forces, Groital has entered service contracts with Esoko. Esoko is a mobile telecommunication service provider driving social and economic impact in rural communities through the innovative use of mobile phone technology. Esoko regularly delivers market information to farmers across Africa; information on weather, price and market demand on various markets (daily and weekly).

Groital also currently supplies pineapples to HPW, a company that develops, produces and supplies added-value agricultural products to customers in Switzerland and in Europe.


The CEO of Groital won Total startupper of the year 2016, Which brought together budding entrepreneurs from all over Ghana to compete and challenge their startup businesses.

The company also won an ultimate prize from Technoserve Ghana, as part of ENGINE 2016. ENGINE is a multiyear project implemented by TechnoServe with funding from the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID) that seeks to equip Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) with the necessary skills and resources to improve their business plans and internal operations, while creating a thriving community of entrepreneurs through increased access to business development services and to financing.

Our Core Values


Produce the best quality, nutritional fruits to all consumers globally.


Provide an environment that will ensure small scale farmer satisfaction and development;


Improve the livelihood of the people within our business areas.


Encourage the use of technology to reduce risks to farmers in the region, and increase profitability.

Sustainability and Environment

Groital continues to use up-to-date technologies, farming best practices, and a formidable supply network to maintain a competitive advantage. Sustainability is important to Groital that is why we rely on Eco-Irrigation. Using potable water from the borehole and solar energy for pumping water.