Premium Dried Fruit

Sweet, dried, tropical fruits and fruit snacks without added sugar or concentrates. For our dried fruits and fruit snacks we only use fresh, fully ripened fruits, because only the very best raw materials can be processed into premium quality.






Introducing the luscious essence of the tropics – our succulent mango slices. Bursting with vibrant flavor and natural sweetness, our mango slices offer a tantalizing journey for your taste buds.
We meticulously select the finest mangoes, hand-picking each one at the peak of ripeness. Our mango slices are crafted to perfection, capturing the sun-kissed juiciness and the distinct aroma of this tropical marvel.


Dried Coconut Smiles

Dried coconut smiles are a great standalone snack, or a great crunchy compliment to other snacks, pastries, yoghurts, granola, cereals. etc. Our dried coconut smiles are carefully produced and are a rich source of dietary fibre, rich in iron and other essential minerals. 





Dried Coconut Flakes

Savor the rich and nutty flavor of our Dried Coconut Flakes. These naturally dried coconut flakes are a versatile and wholesome snack, perfect for adding a tropical twist to your dishes. Crafted from carefully selected coconuts, our flakes are gently dried to retain their natural goodness. Enjoy the irresistible taste of coconut in every bite.



Fresh Pineapples

Groital concentrates on the cultivation and processing of pineapples in three flavors:

  1. Original Dried pineapple chips
  2. Pineapple with Ginger chips
  3. Pineapple with chili chips 

Dried pineapples are some of the worlds healthiest snacks, that can be consumed directly, or added to cereal, can be used in baking, in making smoothies /ice creams, and more. Our dried pineapple are all natural and contain no additives. Dried pineapples are a rich of source of fibre and vitamins. 




Dried Pineapple, Chilli and Ginger

Our dried pineapple with chili chips is produce solely from all natural ingredients. With the powerful heat sensation of chili peppers, this combination is all you need for a great start of your day.


Ginger does magic with pineapples, and provides a tickling affect on the pallet. As ginger is a prolific anti-inflammatory agent coupled with rich anti-oxidant properties of pineapple, this combination offers numerous health and nutritional benefits.



Introducing our exquisite Fruitbox, a harmonious blend of nature’s finest fruits brought together in a symphony of flavors and colors. This curated selection offers a delightful assortment of our premium dried fruit, creating a captivating journey for your taste buds.


fruit box


Imagine the convenience of having an array of tropical treasures at your fingertips. Our Fruitbox features a medley of succulent mango slices, zesty dried pineapple, chewy papaya, fragrant coconut flakes, and more. Each fruit, thoughtfully chosen and expertly dried, captures the essence of its origin, delivering an unparalleled snacking experience.